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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION - what does this mean?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

When you say that someone, something or somewhere has a good vibe or positive energy, are you aware of what a profound statement this is?

These feelings seem to come to us at an almost intuitive primal level that is hard to quantify or put into words.

This is because vibes we get are rooted in the very fabric of the universe. Everything in the universe, as we know it, is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

The key is the frequency, how rapidly or slowly the vibrational energy is moving. This informs how dense or light something is.

The extremes of this vibrational spectrum would be the hard density of a rock versus the lightness of vapour. The molecules in a rock are packed so tightly and densely together not much is going to get through, except with extreme force. On the other end of the spectrum, the molecules in vapour are moving rapidly in space, so have a high vibrational frequency.

Every thing falls somewhere along this spectrum, unlike a rock we have the luxury of being able to influence our vibrational state.

When in a low vibrational state we can feel low, heavy and stuck. Like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and everything seems to take effort. If we stay in such a state for a long time, it will certainly have physical, mental and emotional consequences.

We all have experienced the feeling of heaviness and mental fog but we can also recognise how a small event can create a sudden mood shift. Seeing a child laugh, getting a hug, listening to music, smelling something that reminds you of a happy time, taking a bite of your favourite food…little moments can lift your mood in an instant.

This is because there has been a punctual energy shift. The challenge is to find ways to anchor these shifts into our being and not allow low energy to take hold again.

For those inhabiting a high vibrational energetic state one must be careful to protect this energetic field and not allow external influence to have a detrimental impact. This is not always easy especially for empaths who have a tendency to absorb the energy around them.

There are people that emanate lightness and joy, they seem to repel negative energy and effortlessly transmit good vibes. They have learned to embody the art of living in a high vibrational state whilst simultaneously protecting the integrity of their energy field and sharing their light without depleting their energy reserves.

Raising your vibration is about cultivating awareness of these inner states and finding the sweet spot that works for you.

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