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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

To be able to affect your vibrational state you have to get to know where you are at now. This understanding of how we feel in the here and now is vital.

Here are some ideas of what you can do to start to cultivate a deeper awareness of your internal vibrational state.

Breathe deeply - We often take shallow breaths, simple pranayama techniques can help you breathe deeply to cleanse and balance your nervous system.

Do an internal energy check - Energy doesn't lie, it has no agenda. Lie down with your eyes closed and consciously scan your body and notice where the areas of tension reside. Do not judge simply cultivate awareness.

Meditate - There are many techniques, you may want to explore until you find the one that suits you. Do not put expectations or judgment on how successful your meditation was, just keep doing it.

Be silent - 'listen to the silence it has so much to say’ Rumi. Allow yourself moments of silence and see where your mind takes you.

Practice gratitude in the now - Focusing on the difficulties of life can keep you in the past or project you into a non existent future. Remind yourself to be grateful for the present moment.

Now that you are more in tune with your energy here are some ideas of actions you can take to raise this energy to a vibrational level that serves you.

Use your senses to connect to this universal energy - find the channel that lets it in.

Notice the little things - On a walk you take on a daily basis take a moment to look at the little details that you normally would not.

Do something creative - Allow your imagination to roam free. Create art for art's sake just for the fun of it and do it just for you.

Be tactile - Do something with your hands and really connect to the objects you are touching. Close your eyes -feel the shape and texture.

Listen to Tibetan singing bowls- These are some of the most beautiful sounds that come to us from what feels like another dimension.

Walk barefoot - Connect your feet to the earth, preferably in a natural setting like the forest or beach or your local park. Take slow and deliberate steps placing every part of your foot on the ground.

Laugh and smile - No explanation needed- it’s contagious and for once that's a good thing.

Be bored - There is no need to be try an avoid boredom, it is in these moments that our consciousness can roam freely. Be patient see where it takes you.

Be near water - The negative ions in the sea air are known to be wonderful for health. Even the sound of water can have a calming effect.

Step out of your comfort zone - Often times the thing you are most resistant to doing is what will bring you the most- remember the magic happens outside your comfort zone

Vibrasana’s Explore Your Senses retreat, in Tulum Mexico, will take you to a place where the energy flows like water.

Our sensorial experiences will help you to connect to the universal energy and make you feel like you are soaring and grounded at the same time.

To find out more, visit Vibrasana wellness retreats page.

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